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Teeth Whitening

Professional Whitening for Beautifully Brighter Teeth

As time passes, our teeth absorb the stains of daily life. Regular cleanings can minimize this, but if you feel unhappy with the color of your teeth, professional whitening may be the answer.

Apple Dental of San Diego can help you to achieve that vivid, beautiful smile you crave. We provide cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening services to patients throughout San Diego, Chula Vista and South Park. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Tin Maung Maung, Dr. Thi Phan, and Dr. Jose Ruiz, are all passionate about providing patients with smiles they can take pride in.

Come see us today and discover how teeth whitening can enhance your life!


Teeth Whitening Service Options

Apple Dental of San Diego helps you to achieve a brighter smile in the way that’s most convenient for you. We offer the following services:

In-Office Whitening: Produces the most visible results. Our skilled staff will apply the whitening solution and monitor you closely to ensure its safety and efficacy. Overseeing the whitening procedure allows for the use of a stronger solution, resulting in teeth several shades whiter.

Take-Home Whitening: For those who prefer shorter in-office visits, take-home whitening can be done on your own at your convenience. These simple kits can be used almost anywhere, and require little more than one or two daily sessions fit into your schedule. You’ll see noticeable results often as early as the first week.

Why Teeth Become Stained

It might surprise you to learn that your teeth are not entirely solid. The outer part of your teeth, called the enamel, is actually porous. Over time, certain foods and liquids become absorbed into the enamel, leaving it stained.

Coffee, tea, red wine and pasta sauce are some of the worst offenders in terms of staining teeth. Smoking or chewing tobacco causes even worse staining, leaving teeth severely yellowed.

Brushing your teeth reduces surface stains, and regular cleanings provide a more thorough clean. However, neither of these penetrate to the deeper layers, which is why professional whitening is necessary to remove older stains.

How Teeth Whitening Services Work

All teeth whitening options operate on the same basic method. A special gel is applied to the surface of the teeth and left for a specific length of time. The difference between these gels is the type of bleach used, and the concentration.

Hydrogen peroxide is most effective, and usually requires fewer applications. However, it may increase tooth sensitivity, and is not recommended for sensitive teeth. This kind is mainly used for in-office whitening.

Carbamide peroxide is gentler, making it preferable for long-term treatments. This type of bleach is seen in most take-home whitening kits.

Professional Service with Warm, Friendly Care

Apple Dental of San Diego knows that even simple procedures require feelings of trust and confidence. Our skilled team is proud to provide you with exceptional service while creating a safe, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re in for the full treatment or simply asking questions, we vow to serve you with our very best. Give us a call today!

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